For any teacher grades 2-4, read chapters 5 and 6 in the Red Math Recovery Book, Developing Number Knowledge for information on conceptual place value and addition and subtraction to 100. It is a fantastic resource. The book also contains a CD that has several games.

Numeral ID and Conceptual Place Value Tools
  • Popsicle Sticks - I have never found or made a SMART doc that I actually like for this. Sorry! I think the real sticks are the best bet! These are extremely valuable before going into symbolic. They provide a checking strategy and they really make student think if they are used right. See red Math Recovery book for detailed information on instructional sequences for conceptual place value.
  • Numeral Tracks - create them so they are counting by 10s or 100s off the decade or century
  • Treasure Hunt - create them so they are counting by 10s or 100s off the decade or century
  • Numeral Rolls - 0-100 - Alternate number families in different colors to highlight
  • Hundreds Charts - with numerals and without - POWERFUL - don't underestimate the use of these in 2nd and 3rd grade. Goal is for students to internalize.
  • 10 Dot Strips
  • Bead Strings Activities
  • 1000s Chart (Have to tape together)
  • Student 1000s Chart
  • Interactive 1000s Chart (counting by 10s) - Great for SMART Board

Arrow Cards - great for reading and writing numbers in various ways (standard, written, and expanded)

Games (think about how these can be differentiated for each Construct Level using manipulatives or number range)
  • Close to 100
  • Hundreds Charts (watch for students count on these) - Seriously...just make up games involving flexibly incrementing and decrementing by 10s and 1s
    • Tic Tac Toe - Student roll 2 10-sided dice to make 2-digit number and mark this on their hundreds board. Then, they roll a premade dice (+1, -1, +10, -10, +20, -20 - or whatever you prefer) and also mark that number. First person to get three in a row on their hundreds board wins!
    • Capture 5 (Investigations Activities in 3rd and 4th grade)
    • Crazy Grid Puzzles (Red Math Recovery Book)
    • Tens and One's Game (to be printed) -