Classroom Quote: "Whatever we do forwards we also do backwards."

You maybe amazed at the work that intermediate students need yet with both forward and backward numeral sequences. Get past 100 and you'll often find many don't know what's after 112. Bridging past 100/120 and then the 1000 mark is very difficulut for many students. A few questions or having them write a sequence using a nuemral ladder or just in their notebooks can really tell you a lot.

Looking to see where students break down? Here are a couple of quick and easy tasks (can be done backwards as well). Watch what students are doing to solve and you'll get a lot of information.

-Start at 89 and write the next 13 numbers.
-Start at 109 and write the next 15 numbers.
-Start at 34 and count by 10.
-Start at 305 and count by 10s
-Start at 145 and count by 100s.


*Most of my resources are going to be for olders students as I teach 3rd grade.*