Welcome to My Math Resources!!

I teach 3rd grade at Lowell MST Elementary in Sioux Falls, SD, and created this Wiki as a math leader to help put lots of good resources in one easy spot to find. I am a strong believer in using inquiry based math approaches for teaching concepts. I get thrilled out of analyzing and evaluating student thinking and encouraging students to work towards more advanced strategies. I use CGI and AVMR principals daily in my whole group and small group instruction.

I've tried to organize topics of information, but as you know, so many of these are closely related that I encourage you to look at other areas as well. I've also tried to weed out "not so good sites/games/SMART Board docs" and only provide you with the ones I truly believe work best and are somewhat "visually" appealing and most importantly, functional and efficient.

Lastly, I will try to give credit where credit is due. Although, I know that with the wealth of resources on the Internet, sometimes its hard to keep track. I ask that you do the same as you use these resources! Thanks!

DICE! Interactive Dice (6, 8, 10, and 12 sided)

AVMR Resources and 5-Star Sites

Blogs to Check Out

CGI Resources

Numeral ID and Backwards and Forwards Number Sequences


Addition and Subtraction

Place Value

Multiplication and Division




Book Resources